Quickflix Review

A Look at One of Australia’s Biggest Online DVD Rental Companies

Quickflix is one of the fastest growing online DVD rental companies in Australia. Owned and operated by Quickflix Pty Ltd., Quickflix’s clear advantage over its competitors is its massive inventory of 37,000+ titles, free home delivery system, and its “No Late Fees” policy. Other web features that first-time visitors would find rather compelling are the month-long free trial period and value-added services like movie reviews, trailers, and movie recommendations. But if you are not used to queuing or “waiting in line” for DVDs, subscribing to Quickflix may not exactly be that picture perfect.

How Does Quickflix Work

Renting. Once you have signed up with Quickflix, you can now start browsing for DVDs contained in their library of over 37,000+ movie titles. As compared to the standard “select-and-rent” method, Quickflix’s system relies on queuing or “first-come-first served” basis in dispatching DVDs ordered online. With the Free Trial, Quickflix dispatches three DVDs straight to your mailbox and requires that you return them before the rest of the movies will be sent your way. Quickflix also recommends that their customers identify at least 20 movies and be put on queue, something that can be cumbersome if you have not exactly made a list of what you want to include in your watch list.

Subscription. Quickflix offers five (5) plan classifications based on the number of DVDs that you are allowed to order out a time. Starting at $9.95, you can order at least 2 DVDs a month and pay for an additional $3.00 per disc for extra rentals.

Delivery and Return Policy. Movies that you have queued in your list will be dispatched to the address you have specified through Australia Post, which means that you can only receive what you’ve ordered between Monday and Friday. The package is enclosed in a card-board envelope and delivered with a pre-paid postage.

What’s Good About Quickflix

What are the advantages of getting your DVDs from Quickflix? Here’s what I think,

Convenient, especially if you’re coming from a long day at work. Conveniently browse through Quickflix’s online library of 37,000+ movie titles and wait for the DVDs to be dropped at your mailbox.

Free Trial for full one month. Enjoy the newest, the most exclusive, and hard-to-find titles for free!

Widest Selection of over 37,000 movie titles. Quickflix’s massive inventory is truly one of the biggest movie listings ever.

The Not-so Good Angles

Some of the issues I find not-so attractive to customers include,