How to Show Your Love With a TV Gift Idea

Even if your family hasn’t been out window shopping for a new TV, you may be less than satisfied with your viewing options. Cable and satellite companies charge you exorbitant fees for hundreds of channels that you’re rarely interested in viewing – even on a rainy day. Furthermore, you don’t have a-la-carte options, so you can’t select which channels you want to watch. You’re ultimately paying for channels that appeal to the masses. They say that patience is a virtue, but it’s no fun waiting days just to watch new releases. No worries! Relax your mind, and checkout Apple TV as a new and cool gadget gift idea that the whole family can enjoy.

Now that you have some new and cool gadget gift options, Apple TV can take your viewing pleasure to the next level. You don’t have to stream from your laptop anymore. You can get access to over 7,000 High Definition (HD) movies, commercial-free TV shows, YouTube videos, Netflix content, family photos, and music right on your TV screen. Movies can be rented for only 99ยข per episode. Are you tired of being the last to see the new releases? Many of these titles won’t be available at RedBox, for days. Your loved ones will admire how you’ve taken back control of your TV and you’ll love how much money you’re saving.

Is the Setup Complicated Because I Don’t Like to Read Installation Manuals?

If you want to get that perfect picture that you see at the store, then you’re going to need a HDMI cable. You don’t have to perform some fancy setup – setup is extremely easy, it’s just plug-n-play. If space is limited, you’ll be glad to know that the Apple TV is a space saver and lightweight. It weighs in at 2 pounds – less than what your youngest child weighs.

Another cool feature that the family will love is the streaming from mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. A free application in the iTunes Store is Apple Remote. It transforms your devices into a remote control. Amazingly, you can control the Apple TV with a swipe of your finger. You can quickly tap here and there to search by movie title or genre. Movie reviews, trailers, and ratings can also be previewed.

Can We Stream Music throughout Our Home?

Yes! Apple does it again by introducing some new Apple technology called AirPlay. AirPlay is simply an easy way to hear music in all parts of your house through speakers. This gadget gift idea is compatible with any AirPlay-enabled device such as the Denon Wi-Fi Network Streaming AM/FM Receiver (coming soon). AirPlay will also be coming soon on Airplay-enabled speakers and stereo systems. No cables, no wires, just play. It’s like having whole house audio.

At under $100, the Apple TV is an affordable gadget gift idea that won’t break the bank. There have been a few quality issues, but overall user reviews have been exceptionally positive. Your family will love all the interactive features and experience years of enjoyment from Apple TV.