Burley Bike Trailer Reviews

If you are a mom with young children then you completely understand how difficult it can be to balance your physical fitness with the needs of your family. It’s difficult to go to the gym if they have no daycare and you can’t just leave the kids alone to hit the bike trail for an hour or two. The answer just might be a Burley Bike Trailer.

If you aren’t familiar with bike trailers then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are several models of tow behind trailers that are made to fit on just about any model bicycle out there. These bicycle trailers hook up to your bike and provide a safe and secure platform to take your children with you on the trail. The insides range from utilitarian to downright plush and comfortable. Your child will be safely secured inside while being pulled along by your leg power. What an incredible workout for a recovering mom.

There are models that can accommodate up to 2 children so you aren’t limited if your family is more than just one. I know you might be concerned that these bike trailers are difficult to install on your bicycle but in many cases they don’t even require tools to make the connection and can attach and detach quite easily.

Some models of bicycle trailers will also quickly convert into a jogging stroller in case your exercise regimen consists of more than just cycling. Run or cycle, you have your choice of exercise and you don’t have to neglect your family in order to do it.

If you are considering a bicycle trailer purchase, then the best thing you can do is check out our reviews and study up on the various models available. Once you are more informed you can make a better buying decision as to which bicycle trailers would be the best choice for you.