Bicycle Trailer Review

This article will give you a useful bicycle cargo review; one of the very useful utilities for a bicycle that will allow you to carry cargo that you can’t carry using a bicycle rack. Transporting a cargo using a bicycle is not a problem with the invention of bicycle trailers. These trailers are usually nothing but a wheeled frame without any motor. This is attached to a bicycle; expanding its capacity of carrying luggage. It is far more powerful and useful than a bicycle rack since it can tolerate approximately half a ton weight. It can be used to transport objects measuring up to 3 cubic meters.

Major Components of a Bicycle Trailer

A bicycle trailer is a separate utility and has got many vital components like:

* Axle: Just like a bicycle, a trailer has got separate axles for its wheels. Threaded nuts are usually used to mount these axles on to the frame of the trailer. Technically, the base of the carrying area of a trailer is kept below the axles in order to decrease the centre of gravity.
* Frame: The frame of a trailer is either a metal frame of a wood frame. If metal frame is being used, it uses aluminum or steel alloy. Another rarely seen frame is the wood frame. Usually bamboo and other materials are used in these frames.
* Mud Guard: An optional facility that some trailers may provide for keeping the dirt and other road sprays out of the luggage loaded on the carrier.
* Wheel: Wheels used in trailers are usually ordinary bicycle wheels of varying sizes. In order to provide effective suspension for the luggage, Pneumatic Tires are used. Dolly wheels are also considered to be very durable but they bring the disadvantage of rough ride because of the limitation of diameter.
* Hitch: Some trailers, depending upon their type; single wheel or two wheels, use various frame hitches. For instance, a single wheel trailer uses a hitch that can be attached to the rear axle of the bicycle. Whereas, hitches for a two wheel trailer have to use a special universal joint to keep the trailer always in the upright position.

Two Major Types of Bicycle Trailers

Various trailers are used for varying purposes. You can distinguish between various types of trailers with respect to their number of wheels, the potential cargo they can carry. Some trailers have got one wheel mounted on the rear axle of the bicycle. The best advantage it provides is the stability in comparison with a two wheel trailer. It offers high speed as compared to two wheel trailers.

On the other hand, you have two wheel trailers which don’t provide you with the speed that a single wheel trailer provides but offers much more carrying capacity. However, since it is wider than a single wheel trailer, the probability of hitting objects while riding is greater.

You can also divide trailers in to various types depending upon what they can carry. For instance, some trailers are meant for carrying general cargo while others are used to carry little passengers as a cargo or as a rider. It can also be used for disabled passengers or for pets. The use differs from person to person.