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A Simple Look at Kendon Trailers

Kendon Trailers have been available for quite some time now and they have accumulated tons of fame from people all over the world. These trailers have existed so long that there are various recent and improved models that are available each year.

Whenever you decide to travel somewhere close by or far away, you can rely on a Kendon trailer to get your motorcycle to the next destination safely. If you haven’t, you should check out the newest and improved model for the Kendon trailer for 2011.

It’s definitely better than the trailer that was out last year because the builder strives to please customers to give them a quality product. Let’s focus a bit more on the features of the trailer. The trailer is a triangle shaped trailer that fits the size of most motorcycles. It is made out of steel, which is a sturdy quality material that will last you for many years to come.

Though the majority of motorcycles are built alike, some are smaller while others are bigger in size. The good news about Kendon trailers is that the front part can be adjusted depending on the size of the tires on your motorcycle. This means that these trailers are very versatile which is another reason why they are so popular compared to other trailer brands.

The models all adapt to different motorcycles structures as well and according to what motorcycle own will determine which model is best for you to purchase. A few of the models that are for sale include single rail, dual rail, Combo, and Chopper. So remember to choose accordingly for whichever motorcycle you own.

If for some reason you are having issues deciding on the correct Kendon trailer, then you can always result in checking out some reviews to see what buyers have to say about various different models of the Kendon Trailers. Online opinions can really aid in making your decision easy.

Keep in mind though, the trailer should fit your motorcycle, so only look at reviews for trailer styles that fit the style of motorcycle that you have. Reading the reviews is a great advantage to you as the buyer; however, you will not be able to honestly know just how well the trailer works until you have purchased one for yourself. The truth is that everyone has their own opinion on a product.

However, if you find that the majority of the opinions are positive then most certainly you will be happy with the trailer. The good news about Kendon Trailers is that you will see a lot positive reviews on them, so there is no reason to worry about whether or not you will be satisfied with purchasing one.

Previous Kendon trailer models will cost you less money than the newer styles, and you will most likely pay as low as nine hundred dollars for them, but the newer structures can cost up to three thousand dollars. Most of the models can carry a single motorcycle and if you decide on traveling with two then you will need a dual Kendon trailer.

Replacement parts for all trailer model(s) can be purchased online if you need them. You need to purchase a model that has pieces that are simple to come across online or in a store near you. Little parts for your trailer should be somewhat cheap to purchase. Kendon trailers are simple to store away in two different ways. You can store them away sitting flat on the ground inside a shed or a garage.

The Schwinn Joyrider Bicycle Traile

Schwinn bicycle trailer models are available in six versions. Of the six models, the Schwinn Joyrider bicycle trailer is noticeably more stylish and outperforms other Schwinn bike trailers. The Joyrider is a very popular choice of child bike trailer and has many virtues that make it attractive to families. Not only is it a top of the line trailer for Schwinn, but it has a number of features that separate it from its competition.

When shopping for a child bike trailer, you will find many brands and makes to choose from. The Schwinn bicycle trailer line is considered a mid-range bike trailer with prices in the range of $115-300. The top virtues of the Schwinn Joyrider bicycle trailer, as typically stated by satisfied customers, include its unique style, its roominess and comfort, heavy-duty materials and construction, and stroller conversion.

Schwinn Joyrider Style, Comfort and Roominess

As you view various bike trailers, you will find that the Joyrider looks quite different from most trailers. It has a very stylish, modern design that is sure to turn heads out on walks or bike rides. An articulating canopy provides a great view while a mesh cover allows air to flow through the cabin and keeps out pesky insects. If by chance you get caught in the rain, then the canopy has a plastic cover to keep kids dry.

The unique design creates a roomy and comfortable cabin. The padded seats can hold two small children comfortably. These are real seats, not the hammock/sling type of seats that many parents complain about. The seats also recline a tad to make kids comfortable enough to take a nap. A great benefit of the seats is that the seat pads are removable so that you can wash them.

The large 20″ alloy wheels provide a smooth ride and some customers claim that the ride is so smooth that the trailer/stroller “practically rolls on its own!” The smooth ride makes going over uneven surfaces and bumps more forgiving as well. The wheels also make it easier to roll the stroller through grass and other off-road surfaces.

The Schwinn Bicycle Trailer’s Quality Construction

In addition to the quality of the wheels, roomy interior and padded seats, there are a number of other heavy-duty construction and materials that are used in this Schwinn bicycle trailer. The high quality of the construction and materials is one of the things that set it apart from the competition. You will pay less than other “Cadillac” brands such as Burley, but will get similar quality for an affordable price. Although the canopy design sets the Joyrider apart from other trailers in terms of style, it is a unique design that is superior to other bike trailers in a much higher price range. The articulating canopy has ribs that are metal, so if the trailer were ever to tip over, there is a metal frame all around your child. The frame of the trailer is made of a sturdy, durable and lightweight aluminum and the seats have two 5-point safety harnesses.

Stroller Conversion Kit is Included

Many purchasers of the Schwinn Joyrider bicycle trailer are interested in its stroller conversion features. One of the advantages of this model is that the stroller conversion kit is included, unlike many brands that require you to purchase the stroller kit separately. Users of the trailer/stroller say that switching from trailer to stroller mode is very easy and can be done quickly. The stroller has a swiveling wheel that makes it easy to push and maneuver. It also has an adjustable handle for people of different heights. A feature that gets a lot of notice and praise is the strong and easy locking brake, which most bike trailers do not have.

The Drawbacks

While the Schwinn Joyrider bicycle trailer outperforms other bike trailers, there are a few minor complaints among satisfied customers. One complaint has been that the seatbelt straps were not long enough making it too tight for some children. The original trailer design had a transverse belt for two that people thought was also too short. However, Schwinn has recently fixed this problem and now the Joyrider has two 5-point safety harnesses, so this seems to no longer be a problem.

One of the virtues not mentioned above is how easy the Schwinn bicycle trailers are to open and close. The Joyrider can be folded for transporting or storing, but some customers have stated in their review that they had a difficult time collapsing the trailer either because they were not strong enough or the button used to fold the trailer was broken. Out of the substantial number of customer reviews that I read, I only saw one person that stated they had a broken button, but they also stated that they received great customer service when sending it in to get fixed. There were only a few reviews were customers said they were not strong enough to collapse the trailer, however the majority of customers said it was easy if they commented on this item.

Although the stroller option is a great benefit to purchasers of the Joyrider, there are two main complaints with the stroller. First of all, the stroller is wide and does not fit through doors without taking the wheels off (which is extremely easy) or folding. Some customers would like to see the trailer/stroller made about two inches narrower so that it is easier to take inside. Keep in mind that this is a bicycle trailer firstly and a stroller secondly. It is designed to be used outdoors. If it were made narrower, then you would lose the roominess that so many customers praise. I would suggest that if you want to take a stroller indoors, then you should buy a separate stroller and use the Schwinn bicycle trailer for outdoor activities.

Secondly, the largest numbers of complaints seem to be centered on the front wheel of the stroller when used for jogging. Apparently, there is a problem with the wheel vibrating and shaking, preventing the stroller moving forward. For those that want to use the stroller for jogging, there is a jogging wheel attachment that can be purchased separately. In addition, the wheels of the trailer are proprietary wheels for which there is no replacement. So, if the wheels wear out or break, then you are currently out of luck. Hopefully, Schwinn is listening to customer comments and will fix these problems like they did with the seatbelts! Schwinn has very high customer satisfaction and service, so I am sure we will see improvements to this model since it is so popular!

The bottom line is, there are numerous child bike trailers to choose from and I’m sure those other bike trailers are fine and perfectly safe. Why would you purchase any other child bike trailer when the Schwinn Joyrider has so many excellent virtues even amongst the minor customer gripes? If you are looking for good looks, quality construction and materials, comfort and safety, and a stroller option, then the Schwinn Bicycle Trailer is one of the very best values available on the market.

The Five Factors in Buying a Bike Trailer

Most full time parents have spent their time taking care of their children that they have forgotten their own self. It is just normal to gain weight during pregnancy but most women are not able to shed the extra pounds because they don’t have time to go to the gym. But you don’t have to go to the gym if you want to lose weight. One of the best examples is by buying a bike trailer for your toddler to enjoy. You will be able to enjoy the sights while having a bonding moment with your child. You will be able to do a lot of things with just a simple bike trailer.

Spending time with your beloved toddler will help in making them feel loved and you will also have time for yourself to stay fit. Biking around the park will make your toddler enjoy the whole day, looking at the view while you get the work out. But in buying there are certain factors to consider, making sure that you are buying the right one. Here are the following factors to consider:

· Cost- the most important part of buying certain things is to know the cost. Try to look for a price that is friendly enough. Try to look for a price that is reasonable enough and make sure that the quality of the product is not affected.

· Durability- another factor to consider is how durable the item you are about to purchase it. Make sure that the bike is strong because this will be often used. A strong bike will also help you decide the best item to choose.

· Safety-this is the most important factor to consider in every purchase that you will use for your toddler. Checks the safety measures that are available in the bike you are about to purchase and compare it will the other ones that are available on the same price.

· Comfort-make sure that your child is comfortable when they are on the Bike trailer. A comfortable place will also enable to bike longer and therefore longer work out.

· Weight-the weight of the bike is also important that the bike you are about to purchase is light to make it easy for you to go to places and just carry the bike along. There is a certain bike available in the market that can be both durable and light.

Take time in choosing the right bike trailer for your child. Remember that you and your child’s safety is the most important priority. Try to follow all the factors shared and see what kind of bike that you are able to find. Make sure that your child is able to help you pick the right bike trailer for both of you to enjoy. This should have a weather defence, lightweight and very durable. And all these should only be at a friendly rate. There are many people wanted to spend a fun time with their growing children and this is one of the best thing that you can do for them.